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    furnish your house and bathroom , mini whirlpool and Taps design italy


    You can find many accessories to furnish your house and bathroom.

    All the items on our catalog are made in Italy by well-appreciated and outstanding Italian companies in the world of furniture.

    If you are looking for quality materials and a refined design, you can find the best of solutions for your house at Gaiainterni.

    An adviser dedicated to you can answer you in six different languages:

    English German French Arabic Turkish Italian.


    The  design of the taps meets the environmental sustainability.


    How can the new bathroom fittings guarantee the energy saving?

    It will be enough to choose the right faucet in order to save energy and water in the future.

    Every single product sports an areator which saves water bringing the flow down to 5 litres per minute. This means a very high water saving and environmental help. Tests showed a 20% reduction on water consumption in an average house: the Earth and your wallet will thank you! 



    If you are arranging home, opening a new local or expanding the office, we can give you a help to put order between hundreds of offers and different products.

    Assembly, installation, new materials, hydraulic or electric system. All this seems to be so complicated when you are designing your house. Gaiainterni’s staff can help you.

    All the purchased items will be dispatched all over the world from our skilled freight forwarders. Free delivery to Europe for purchases over 1500 euro!

    If you are looking for a customized quote, you will be helped by an adviser, who will follow you step by step during the order process, from the price evaluation to the receipt of the material.