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    Laundry Furniture

    Functional and design laundry room furniture

    The utility room furniture needs to be convenient, functional and at the same time scenic and in line with the whole house furnishing style. In this section, you will find plenty of options to furnish best   this very important part of the house.

    The products on display show complete laundry units and compositions; however, if you are interested in a particular model with specific measurements, or in only one part of the proposed utility room furniture, please contact us. We will be able to send you some laundry room ideas and offers for wall accessories, ceramic sinks, washing machine and dryer cabinets, or anything else you need with customized dimensions and finishes. You just have to choose the best laundry furniture with large drawers, shelves, wall units and deep sinks to get a laundry room that is beautiful to look at and easy to use.

    For customized projects or for special finishes or materials contact us!

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    yellow laundry furniture

    Laundry Composition 19 Idrobox Birex

    Complete laundry composition in melanine ice and matt lacquered yellow finishes.
    The laundry furniture is complete of upper wall units, open units, washbasin base, top with integrated basin, bases and mirror with LED lamp.
    For different finishes or sizes contact us!
    € 5200.00 ex. VAT
    complete laundry composition

    Laundry Composition 18 Idrobox Birex

    Melanine white elm composition for laundry.
    For different finishes or sizes contact us!
    € 5093.00 ex. VAT
    laundry furniture

    Laundry Composition 13 Idrobox Birex

    Laundry composition complete of unit with washing machine fittings, washbasin special bases and wall units.
    Total size of the composition: W. 255 cm, D. 60 cm.
    For different finishes or sizes contact us!
    € 3356.00 ex. VAT
    modern laundry room

    Laundry Composition Drop D.01 Novello

    The integrated wash-basin top, with exclusive design in matt white Teknorit, is 38 cm deep and leans on the washing machine cabinet, 65 cm deep. Nearby, the- re are matt honey-color lacquered hanging cabinets, 22 cm deep. A Premium mirror, cm 130 x 50 h, leans on a matt white Teknorit lip, 33 cm high, and completes the composition.
    Total size of the composition: W. 270 cm, D. 65 cm.
    € 3299.00 ex. VAT
    Laundry room furniture

    Laundry composition Drop D.02 Novello

    The angular laundry space includes suspended cabinets with drawers. At the one end, machine, which is concealed by foldable doors. Open hanging cabinets show small circles on the lower side, where tiny underwear can be dried. Total size of the composition: W. 250-243 cm, D. 65 cm.
    € 6616.60 ex. VAT
    laundry room

    Laundry composition Drop D.04 Novello

    Cabinets, columns ad hanging cabinet in melamine coated frassino miele.
    Matt white Teknorit wash basin.
    Total size: W. 260 cm, D. 65 cm.
    € 3567.00 ex. VAT
    hanging laundry furniture

    Laundry Composition Drop D.09 Novello

    Laundry composition with hainging containers of different depths and colors. Twin washbasins are placed on the one side close to a lacquered column, on the other close to a suspended drawer unit. Total size: W. 285 cm, D. 50 cm.
    € 4758.00 ex. VAT
    laundry room

    Laundry composition Drop D.11 Novello

    The melamine coated dark frassino composition is designed for a small corner of the room. In a few square cabinet with washing machine and a wash-basin with an extractable drawer below. Above, some wall elements for detergents, small objects, and a wide mirror.
    € 2791.00 ex. VAT
    Modern laundry room

    Laundry composition Drop D.15 Novello

    Two perpendicular tops, with high thickness, are made of melamine coated frassino perla and mark a showy “T” which embraces the washing machine and the drier. Aside, an over counter ceramic wash-basin with a drawer unit below.
    € 3624.80 ex. VAT
    Laundry furniture

    Laundry Store Comp. 406 Hafro Geromin

    Complete composition for laundry in melamine finish.
    Made environmentally friendly, water-repellent and non-toxic particle board panels with low formaldehyde content.
    Total size: 140 x 65 x 200 H cm.

    For different sizes or finishes contact us!
    € 1776.00 ex. VAT € 1332.00 ex. VAT
    laundry composition

    Laundry Composition 12 Idrobox Birex

    Laundry unit in Ghiaccio Resin effect and matt lacquer Corda O61. The composition is complete of ceramic wash basin.
    Total size of the composition: W. 330 cm, D. 60 cm.
    For different finishes or sizes contact us!
    € 4077.00 ex. VAT
    Ideas for laundry furniture

    Hafro Store comp. 416

    Laundry composition in melamine Olmo Clear and glossy white. The doors and the drawer fronts are made environmentally friendly, water-repellent, non-toxic particle board panels with low formaldehyde content 18 mm thick. Total size: W. 222 cm, D. 65 cm, H. 200 cm.
    € 3126.00 ex. VAT € 2344.50 ex. VAT
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    If you are arranging home, opening a new local or expanding the office, we can give you a help to put order between hundreds of offers and different products.

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    Assembly, installation, new materials, hydraulic or electric system. All this seems to be so complicated when you are designing your house. Gaiainterni’s staff can help you.

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    All the purchased items will be dispatched all over the world from our skilled freight forwarders. Free delivery to Europe for purchases over 1500 euro!

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    If you are looking for a customized quote, you will be helped by an adviser, who will follow you step by step during the order process, from the price evaluation to the receipt of the material.