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    Ceiling lamps and lights for mirrors

    Reflexes, contrasts and shadow projections… the game of light allows to the fantasy to create innovative solutions, unexpected details and family environment.

    Without the right lighting any project, even of high design, become useless. The wide choice of suspended lamps, ceiling or wall lighting, table or outdoor lamps will make possible the better choice for every kind of environment and each situation.

    Applique Victoria Simas

    Applique Victoria Simas

    Applique Victoria Simas.
    Wall lamp with lampshade, measurement ø22xh14 cm. Applique holder available in three finishings: chrome, bronze, gold.

    The wall lamp Simas Victoria made to fully satisfy the expectations of whomever lives with classic style.
    € 222.00 ex. VAT
    ArlexItalia Splash

    Ceiling lamp Arlexitalia Splash

    Ceiling halogen lamp G9 40W - 220V included, IP rating 21, the height of the lamp is regulable.
    The lamp is available in two different finishes: transparent glass or satined glass.
    Dimensions W.15 D.15 H.65/175 cm.
    Price referred to one lamp. Arlex Italia: Design bathroom furniture and italian Decorative lighting.
    € 328.00 ex. VAT € 262.40 ex. VAT
    Marble bathroom cabinet

    Ceiling lamp Arlexitalia Venice

    Handmade ceiling lamp realized in the prestigious glass of Venice by the qualified artisans of Murano. The ceiling lamp Venice with structure-parts in chromed metal and handcrafted swirl glass part. Halogen lamp G9 42W included.
    Dimensions W.12 D.12 H.60/200
    Price for one lamp.
    € 380.00 ex. VAT € 304.00 ex. VAT
    Picture of Ceiling lamp Conus Led Linea Light

    Ceiling lamp Conus Led Linea Light

    LED direct light powder coated aluminium ceiling lamp.
    Dimensions 11x10 cm or 18x18 cm.
    € 93.00 ex. VAT
    Picture of Ceiling Lamp Moledro Linea Light Pendant light with white coated metal

    Ceiling Lamp Moledro Linea Light Pendant light with white coated metal

    Pendant light with white coated metal mounting plate and sandblasted glass diffusers. Indoor lamp for ceilings.
    Diffuser: sandblasted glass.
    Base: glossy white coated metal.
    € 226.00 ex. VAT
    Nèfos Myyour

    Ceiling lamp Myyour Nèfos

    Nefòs Poleasy® pendant lamp. Two versions are available. Finish: transparent.
    € 470.00 ex. VAT
    Picture of Ceiling lamp Pelota Linea Light

    Ceiling lamp Pelota Linea Light

    Ceiling Light Pelota.
    This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of energy classes: A++, A+, A, B, C and D.
    A sphere that illuminates through a shape both simple and ancient, with a discreet yet intriguing presence.
    € 118.00 ex. VAT
    Xilema_S Linea Light

    Ceiling lamp Xilema_S Ma&De Linea Light

    LED wall/ceiling lamp, formed by three intersected rectilinear elements, made of plastic material (PMMA) and with lateral emission of light.
    Size: 1603 mm long and 1110 mm wide.
    € 590.00 ex. VAT
    Circle Wave_S Linea Light

    Ceiling light Circle wave_S Ma&De Linea Light

    Circle wave_S LED Ceiling light with white polymethylmethacrylate diffuser.
    Available in different sizes.
    € 510.00 ex. VAT
    Picture of Ceiling light Conus Led Linea Light

    Ceiling light Conus Led Linea Light

    LED aluminium pendant lamp available in different sizes.
    € 126.00 ex. VAT
    Oh! Smash Linea Light

    Ceiling light Oh! Smash Linea Light

    Ceiling/wall light with plastic mounting plate and natural polyethylene diffuser. Wall or ceiling mounted lighting fixture suitable for interiors.
    Lamp: Halogen ECO
    € 119.00 ex. VAT
    Oxygen_S Linea Light

    Ceiling light Oxygen_S Ma&De Linea Light

    Oxygen_S LED direct light polyurethane ceiling light.
    Dimmable via DALI protocol.
    Available in different sizes.
    € 880.00 ex. VAT
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