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    Mirrors for bathroom

    Essential, vintage or modern, you can choose theperfect mirror to complete your bathroom or your living room.

    Don't miss our best choice for the mirror with light. If you need some advises contact us!

    bathroom mirror with frame

    40x80 cm mirror Ispa Gessi

    40x80 cm mirror Ispa Gessi.
    € 689.00 ex. VAT € 551.20 ex. VAT
    sit on mirror Gessi Eleganza

    Adjustable standing mirror Eleganza Gessi

    Adjustable standing mirror Eleganza Gessi. Available in four finishings: chrome, finox, gold and antique brass.
    € 461.00 ex. VAT € 368.80 ex. VAT
    standing mirror for bathroom

    Adjustable standing mirror Ovale Gessi

    Adjustable standing mirror Ovale Gessi.
    € 330.00 ex. VAT € 264.00 ex. VAT
    wall mounted small mirror

    Adjustable wall-mounted mirror Mimi Gessi

    Adjustable wall-mounted mirror. Available 3 finishes: chrome, finox, gold.
    € 331.00 ex. VAT € 264.80 ex. VAT
    Gessi Goccia Mirror

    Black mirror Goccia Gessi

    Black mirror Goccia Gessi. 270x1200 mm.
    A revolutionary Collection of furnishing objects, Goccia features an innovative design inspired by the fluid and natural shapes of water. This Collection incorporates the idea of a totally new product with enhanced functional and aesthetic content. It opens the way for unlimited and brilliant interior settings.
    € 766.00 ex. VAT € 612.80 ex. VAT
    Small standing mirror

    Cosmic Project Magnifying Mirror [x3]

    Magnifying Mirror [x3], inox and plastic. Size: H. 33 cm, L. 20 cm, D. 18,5 cm.
    € 86.00 ex. VAT € 77.40 ex. VAT
    Black frame mirror

    Freestanding black mirror Gessi Goccia

    Freestanding black mirror Gessi Goccia, 600x1800 mm.
    € 1351.00 ex. VAT € 1080.80 ex. VAT
    Round black frame mirror

    Freestanding black mirror Goccia Gessi

    Freestanding black mirror Goccia Gessi, 360x900 mm.
    € 728.00 ex. VAT € 582.40 ex. VAT
    Magnifying mirror

    Freestanding magnifying mirror Belle Pomd'or

    Freestanding magnifying mirror (x3/x5) Pomd'or Belle, measurement 22,1x14xh37,5 cm.

    Belle by Pomd'or. Soft lines and evolved shapes for a harmonious elegance.
    € 390.00 ex. VAT € 351.00 ex. VAT
    freestanding mirror

    Freestanding mirror Goccia Gessi

    Freestanding mirror Goccia Gessi, adjustable, height 1400 mm. Mirror available in four finishings: chrome, brushed chrome, white and black.
    € 677.00 ex. VAT € 541.60 ex. VAT
    Mirror Simas Frame

    Lighted vanity mirror Simas Frame

    Simas Frame lighted vanity mirror.
    Size: W.70 cm H.80 cm.

    Simple sufficiently minimalist it approaches the "urban industrial" style without sacrificing convenience. This is the concept of the furniture collection Frame, created to accompany the countertop washbasins Sharpand designed for widened multifunctionality, as the new bathroom demands.
    € 766.00 ex. VAT
    Simas Arcade ARS1

    Mirror 63 cm Simas Arcade

    Mirror with frame Simas Arcade, measurement 61x108 cm.

    Arcade defies the passage of time. Absolute elegance with understated presence. In one word Arcade is simply: classic.
    € 388.00 ex. VAT
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