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    Planit uses unique materials focusing on the manifacturing of Corian®.

    It is very similar to wood but it is straight. Thanks to the hot working it is possible to create lots of forms.

    The material, thanks to its natural brilliance and brightness, is really suitable for a modern design and it is possible to personalise it.

    • Elegant and modern lines for the bathroom
    Stool container for laundry

    Stool and container Planit

    Corian bathroom stool, ø400xh460 mm.
    € 523.00 ex. VAT
    sit on washbasins

    Bathroom washbasin Dedalo Planit

    Countertop washbasin in Hanex®.
    € 635.00 ex. VAT
    sit on sinks

    Bathroom wash-basin in Corian Concave Planit

    Countertop washbasin Planit Concave in Corian®.
    € 441.00 ex. VAT
    squared sit on sinks

    Bathroom washbasin in Corian Libra Planit

    Countertop in Corian® – without overflow. Available in different sizes.
    € 920.00 ex. VAT
    Planit Aquarius

    Corian Bathtub Aquarius Planit

    Rectangular bathtub in Corian® with tilted back.
    € 6180.00 ex. VAT
    Circular bathtubs

    Corian Bathtub Marina Planit

    Round freestanding bathtub in Corian® with side table and container.
    € 9060.00 ex. VAT
    Planit OOH!

    Corian Bathtub Ooh! Planit

    Freestanding oval bathtub in Corian®
    € 7986.00 ex. VAT
    Wall hung washbasin

    Corian® Washbasin Teatro Planit

    Teatro is a wall-hungh bathroom unit made from Corian® with built-in bath sink.
    € 2790.00 ex. VAT
    Squared wall hung washbasin

    Corian® Washbasin Triade Evolution 3L Planit

    Wall hung washbasin in Corian® Glacier White.
    € 1807.00 ex. VAT
    sit on sinks for bathroom

    Countertop bathroom sink in Corian Lux Planit

    Lux freestanding washbasin in Corian.
    € 544.00 ex. VAT
    Countertop sinks

    Countertop in Corian Cuna Planit

    Cuna bathroom top with built-in bowl in Corian®. With overflow drain.
    Tailor made available on request. Ask us a quotation.
    Dimensionen: W.85 P.48 H.20 cm.
    € 1442.00 ex. VAT
    Planit Terrace

    Countertop in Hanex Terrace Planit

    Terrace bathroom top with thermoformed washbasin in Hanex®.
    € 1134.00 ex. VAT
    Essential design washbasins

    Countertop washbasin Attica2 Planit

    Elegant sink with a 12 mm linear edge.
    Countertop washbasin in Corian® with free flow drain.
    Size: 496 x 388 x h 138 mm.
    € 521.00 ex. VAT
    Cylindrical shape sink

    Countertop washbasin in Corian Triade Planit

    Countertop in Corian® without overflow drain. Available in different sizes.
    € 936.00 ex. VAT
    Cube shape washbasin

    Countertop washbasin in Corian Triade Planit

    Square countertop washbasin in Corian®. Without overflow drain with removable waste cover in Corian®. Do use with not lockable valve. Size: 40x40xh32 cm.
    € 1049.00 ex. VAT
    Freestanding washbasin

    Free-standing washbasin Trench Planit

    Pedestal washbasin in Corian® with hole for tap or without tap hole. Without overflow drain.
    € 2039.00 ex. VAT
    Triade Evolution 2XL Planit

    Freestanding washbasin Triade Evolution 2XL Planit

    Triade Evolution 2XL freestanding washbasin in Corian®. Size: 500 x 357 x h 850 mm. Waste cover for washbasin included.
    € 2202.00 ex. VAT
    matt white sinks

    Round countertop washbasin Attica1 Planit

    Thermoformed round countertop washbasin in Corian® . The sink, with a 12 mm linear edge, is available in round or oval version.
    Size of the round version: 400 Ø x h 136 mm
    € 487.00 ex. VAT
    Corian shower tray

    Shower Tray Linea Planit

    Shower Tray Linea Planit available in different sizes.
    € 1698.00 ex. VAT
    Essential design shower tray

    Shower tray Piazza Planit

    Bathroom Shower Tray made from Corian®. Available in different sizes.
    € 1169.00 ex. VAT
    Design bathroom ideas

    Sit-on washbasin Triade Evolution 1S Planit

    Triade Evolution 1S wall hung washbasin in Corian®.
    € 756.00 ex. VAT
    Planit Wing

    Washbasin Wing Planit

    Countertop washbasin in Corian®, universal valve included.
    € 572.00 ex. VAT
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    If you are arranging home, opening a new local or expanding the office, we can give you a help to put order between hundreds of offers and different products.

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    Assembly, installation, new materials, hydraulic or electric system. All this seems to be so complicated when you are designing your house. Gaiainterni’s staff can help you.

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    All the purchased items will be dispatched all over the world from our skilled freight forwarders. Free delivery to Europe for purchases over 1500 euro!

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    If you are looking for a customized quote, you will be helped by an adviser, who will follow you step by step during the order process, from the price evaluation to the receipt of the material.