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    Shower Set

    Complete shower room

    Create your own personalized space by topping-off your bathroom by a shower set. Choose the right items for your well-being, round or rectangular shower heads, showers in every form, mixers or taps.  Transform your bathroom into a personal spa by inserting hydromassage and chromotherapy into your shower set.

    Live the benefits of water right at your home, for more info contact us.

    shower set

    Ceiling shower-head Vela Treemme

    Ceiling anti-limescale shower-head Vela Treemme.

    The Vela range offers a product with a simplicity of shape that is youthful and dynamic to touch. Thanks to its linear shape and the materials used, the design is perfectly suited for any type of setting.
    € 211.00 ex. VAT
    complete shower set

    Complete shower Volante Neve Rubinetterie

    Complete shower set in brushed or polished stainless steel.
    € 1820.00 ex. VAT
    Ispa Gessi  39896

    Compound shower Gessi Ispa

    Compound shower Gessi Ispa, shower compound: external parts and built-in parts for wall fixing ISPA waterfall shower spout, with white light and separate control (not included). External parts and built-in for thermostatic high-capacity built-in part mixer, 3/4” connections. Vertical/horizontal setting-up with FOUR SEPARATE EXITS. Functioning field from 0,5 bar to 5 bar (for greater pressures integrate water-flow limiting devices). Water-flow capacity to 3 bar with a single exit around 40 l/min. Antilimestone handshower with white insert. Lateral body jet.
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    shower room set

    Compound shower Ispa Gessi

    Compound shower Ispa Gessi: Wall-fixing ISPA headshower. Sliding rail. Either vertical or horizontal installation. Antillimestone handshower. External and built-in parts for bath/shower mixer, Ø47 cartridge, two-way with automatic diverter. 1,50 m Cromalux flexible hose with conic 1/2" connections. 1/2" connection water outlet.
    € 3426.00 ex. VAT
    Rettangolo Gessi 20148

    Shower Compound Rettangolo Gessi

    Shower compound: wall-mounted adjustable and antilimestone showerhead 216x140 mm, 1/2" connections; sliding rail with antilimestone handshower, 1,50 m flexible hose and water outlet; adjustable lateral body jet; external and built-in parts for thermostatic mixer with 1/2" connections, filters and 1/2" three-way diverter with ceramic discs. Available in 4 different Finishings: Chrome, finox, White, black.
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    modern design shower set

    Shower kit with shower mixer Nanotech Treemme

    Shower kit with shower mixer Nanotech Treemme. Composed with hook, flexible and handshower kit.

    A modern design, together with technological innovation, simple and harmonious shapes are the ideas behind the new Nanotech series, born from a desire to create an elegant object, meeting the demands of an attentive and exigent market.
    € 543.00 ex. VAT
    design shower set

    Shower set Cleo Treemme

    Shower set Cleo Treemme.
    Composed with: concealed shower mixer, shower head, sliding-bar kit and wall hose outlet.

    This collection offers a quintessential design that is reasonably priced in order to give everyone the possibility of embellishing their own bathroom with a simple yet striking line. The CLEO range represents a tribute to simplicity and purity of shape, in line with the avant-garde tastes and trends that dictate the way a modern bathroom is conceived.
    € 481.00 ex. VAT
    total white shower set

    Shower set Diametro35 Black & White Ritmonio

    Complete shower set available in four different finishings (chrome, brushed, black chrome or brushed black crome, black or chrome).
    € 864.00 ex. VAT
    shower set with water cascade

    Shower Set Waterblade Ritmonio

    Shower Set Waterblade Ritmonio.
    Shower set complete of stainless steel shower head and built-in thermostatic mixer with flow regulator, one way, filters and non return valves and inner parts.
    The mixer in available in two finishings: chromed or brushed.
    € 1082.00 ex. VAT
    Complete shower set

    Shower system Ran Treemme

    Complete shower system Ran Treemme composed by:
    Anti-limescale wall shower-head in brass.
    Concealed shower mixer in brass with diverter.
    Single jet shower in brass, built-in suport in brass; anti-torsion flexible.

    Refined, simple and elegant, the style of this new collection is the result of a perfect equilibrium between design and functionality. RAN, created in brass and characterised by a minimalist appearance which at the same time does not go unnoticed, is a true design object able to integrate itself into, and enhance, any bathroom environment.
    € 733.00 ex. VAT
    massage hydro jets

    Lateral Body Jet Rettangolo Gessi

    Adjustable lateral body jet Gessi Rettangolo.
    € 172.00 ex. VAT

    Handshower Inciso Gessi

    Shower set composed by 1/2" connection water outlet, shower hook, 1,50 m flexible hose and antilimestone handshower.
    The collection is made of solid brass and it is available in a large number of finishes.
    € 347.00 ex. VAT
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    If you are arranging home, opening a new local or expanding the office, we can give you a help to put order between hundreds of offers and different products.

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    Assembly, installation, new materials, hydraulic or electric system. All this seems to be so complicated when you are designing your house. Gaiainterni’s staff can help you.

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    All the purchased items will be dispatched all over the world from our skilled freight forwarders. Free delivery to Europe for purchases over 1500 euro!

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    If you are looking for a customized quote, you will be helped by an adviser, who will follow you step by step during the order process, from the price evaluation to the receipt of the material.