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    Taps and fittings

    Different bathroom fittings, which are the result of a careful planning study, become the undisputed jewel of the bathroom and of the kitchen by guaranteeing a touch of design and elegance that complete the space. TheĀ taps and fittings are available in many different models, styles and finishes andĀ  today they differ also thanks to the attention to the environment and the energy saving. The object, that one time was only functional, today has also an ethic and aesthetic meaning.

    X-change_mono Treemme 7306xq

    5 hole deck-mounted bathtub X-change_mono Treemme

    5 hole deck-mounted bathtub tap.
    This bath set is available in chrome or brushed nickel finishing.
    € 898.00 ex. VAT € 808.20 ex. VAT
    Picture of Basin Mixer for Washbasin Waterblade_J Ritmonio

    Basin Mixer for Washbasin Waterblade_J Ritmonio

    Single lever basin mixer, H.195 mm, with joystick handle.
    The washbasin mixer is available in two different finishings: chrome and brushed.
    € 461.00 ex. VAT € 391.85 ex. VAT
    Picture of Basin Mixer Waterblade_J Ritmonio

    Basin Mixer Waterblade_J Ritmonio

    Exposed single lever basin mixer with joystick handle, H. 27,5 cm.
    The washbasin mixer is available in two different finishings: chrome and brushed.
    € 529.00 ex. VAT € 449.65 ex. VAT
    5mm Treemme

    Bath and Shower Mixer 5mm Treemme

    Bath and shower mixer, hand-shower hook with wall hose outlet, anti-limescale hand-shower and metalized PVC 1,5 m flexible hose.
    Finish: brushed stainless steel.
    € 1540.00 ex. VAT € 1386.00 ex. VAT
    Picture of Bath Group Waterblade_J Ritmonio

    Bath Group Waterblade_J Ritmonio

    Standing floor bath group with joystick handle, two ways single lever with automatic diverter hand shower/ spout, hand shower with 1.500mm flexible hose and with inner parts.
    The washbasin mixer is available in two different finishings: chrome and brushed.
    € 1602.00 ex. VAT € 1361.70 ex. VAT
    bath Ritmonio Diametro35 black and white

    Bath mixer Diametro35 Black & White Ritmonio

    Built-in single lever mixer with two outlets , automatic diverter, spout L. 200mm, handshower with 1500mm flexible, external plate, brass hand shower. Complete of inner parts.

    The bath group is available in six different finishings: chrome, brushed, black chrome, brushed black chrome, white or black.
    € 722.00 ex. VAT € 613.70 ex. VAT
    Treemme 22mm 1118

    Bathroom washbasin mixer Treemme 22mm

    Stainless steel washbasin mixer, H.390 mm.
    Design Ocostudio & ing. Castagnoli.
    € 365.00 ex. VAT € 328.50 ex. VAT
    Picture of Bidet Mixer Haptic Ritmonio

    Bidet Mixer Haptic Ritmonio

    Single lever bidet mixer Haptic Ritmonio.
    Bidet mixer with handle without lever. The mixer is available in six different finishings (chrome, brushed, black chrome, brushed black chrome, white or black) and the handle is available in 15 finishings (chrome, brushed, black chrome, brushed black chrome, white, black, concrete, amazzonia, sahara, artide, vulcano, tundra, canyon, tramonto or oceano).
    € 204.00 ex. VAT € 173.40 ex. VAT
    Time Treemme

    Bidet mixer Time Treemme

    Bidet mixer with thin and coloured lever, H. 12 cm, D. 14 cm.
    € 205.00 ex. VAT € 184.50 ex. VAT
    Neve Rubinetterie Zero

    Bidet mixer Zero Neve Rubinetterie

    Deck mounted bidet mixer without pop-up waste Zero.
    Available in brushed and polished steel finish.
    € 295.00 ex. VAT
    Bidet Tap Frattini Luce

    Bidet Tap Frattini Luce

    Chrome bidet tap with pop up waste.
    Luce. Shining its own light. Design Paolo Bertadelli.
    € 375.00 ex. VAT € 318.75 ex. VAT
    Zero Neve

    Built-in mixer Zero Neve Rubinetterie

    Built-in mixer without pop-up waste, spout 20 cm.
    Stainless Steel Washbasin taps available in brushed steel and polished steel finish.
    € 340.00 ex. VAT
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    If you are arranging home, opening a new local or expanding the office, we can give you a help to put order between hundreds of offers and different products.

    Assembly, installation, new materials, hydraulic or electric system. All this seems to be so complicated when you are designing your house. Gaiainterni’s staff can help you.

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    If you are looking for a customized quotation, you will be helped by an adviser, who will follow you step by step during the order process, from the price evaluation to the receipt of the material.