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    Shower taps and fittings

    Picture of Bath mixer Haptic Ritmonio

    Bath mixer Haptic Ritmonio

    Bath mixer Haptic Ritmonio.
    Built-in single lever bath mixer, two outlets with automatic diverter spout/hand shower, spout L.179 mm, ABS Ø23 hand shower with 1500 mm flexible, external plate, complete of inner parts, handle without lever.
    The mixer is available in six different finishings (chrome, brushed, black chrome, brushed black chrome, white or black) and the handle is available in 15 finishings (chrome, brushed, black chrome, brushed black chrome, white, black, concrete, amazzonia, sahara, artide, vulcano, tundra, canyon, tramonto or oceano).
    € 671.00 ex. VAT € 570.35 ex. VAT
    45210 Gessi

    Thermostatic built-in mixer with five exits Cono Gessi

    Thermostatic high-capacity mixer, 3/4" connections. Composed by: built-in parts and external parts. Vertical/horizontal setting up with FIVE SEPARATE EXITS.

    A revolutionary design combining perfect proportions with pure shapes, Cono inspires harmony and relax for innovative interior settings.
    € 2139.00 ex. VAT
    Gessi Eleganza 46252

    Thermostatic high-capacity mixer Eleganza Gessi

    Thermostatic high-capacity mixer Eleganza Gessi, composed by: built-in and external parts. With 3/4" connections.


    A special touch of elegance can make life easier and much more beautiful, contributing to enhanced wellness.
    € 726.00 ex. VAT
    Gessi Ispa

    Thermostatic tap 5-Way Ispa Gessi

    Thermostatic tap 5-Way Ispa Gessi. External parts and built-in part for thermostatic high capacity built-in mixer with FIVE separate exits. Functioning field from 0,5 bar to 5 bar. Vertical or horizontal installation. Chrome finishing.
    € 2139.00 ex. VAT
    5mm Treemme

    Bath and Shower Mixer 5mm Treemme

    Bath and shower mixer, hand-shower hook with wall hose outlet, anti-limescale hand-shower and metalized PVC 1,5 m flexible hose.
    Finish: brushed stainless steel.
    € 1540.00 ex. VAT € 1386.00 ex. VAT
    Bath Mixer Frattini Luce

    Bath and shower mixer Frattini Luce

    Built-in single-lever bath and shower mixer, spout lenght 184 mm.
    Luce. Shining its own light. Design Paolo Bertadelli.
    € 1056.00 ex. VAT € 897.60 ex. VAT
    Philo Treemme

    Bath/Shower mixer Philo Treemme

    Bath/Shower mixer with 3 ways diverter H. 190 mm.
    € 530.00 ex. VAT € 477.00 ex. VAT
    Ran Treemme art. 2249

    Bath/shower mixer Ran Treemme

    Concealed mixer for bathtubs or showers.
    The mixer is available in different finishings: chrome, brushed nickel, white-chrome, black-chrome or gold.
    € 239.00 ex. VAT € 215.10 ex. VAT
    Up Treemme 5705

    Bath/shower mixer Up Treemme

    Concealed mixer for bath or shower, complete with diverter, spout and shower kit.
    The mixer is available in different finishing: chrome, brushed nickel, black or oxidized.
    € 769.00 ex. VAT € 692.10 ex. VAT
    Time Treemme

    Built-in bath/shower mixer with diverter Time Treemme

    Built-in bath/shower mixer with thin and coloured lever and diverter.
    The mixer is available in 4 finishings.
    Designed by the architect Marco Pisato.
    € 262.00 ex. VAT € 235.80 ex. VAT
    Time Treemme

    Built-in mixer bath/shower Time Treemme

    Built-in mixer for bath or shower composed with hand shower, spout and mixer. Spout lenght 202 mm.
    The mixer is available in 4 different finishings: chrome, brushed nichel, matt white-chrome, matt black-chrome.
    € 787.00 ex. VAT € 708.30 ex. VAT
    Built-In Mixer Frattini Luce

    Built-in mixer Frattini Luce

    Built-in mixer Frattini Luce. Built-in single-lever mixer with automatic diverter, 165x100 mm.
    Finishings available: chrome, gold or black chrome.
    Luce. Shining its own light. Design Paolo Bertadelli.
    € 297.00 ex. VAT € 252.45 ex. VAT

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