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    Colored and modern stools for the living and bathroom

    • stool color pictures

    Picture of Bar stool Oxford Myyour

    Bar stool Oxford Myyour

    Oxford is a new collection composed of a high table and a stool with clean and linear shapes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The geometries that make up the elements of the family disguise its plastic material, while the disassembly of the table legs ensure a transport and storage volume content.
    Size: W.34.5 H.75 cm.
    € 190.00 ex. VAT
    Gessi Goccia pouf

    Black stool Goccia Gessi

    Black stool Goccia Gessi. Black GRES stool. Height 460 mm ø 337 mm.
    € 709.00 ex. VAT
    Pandora RGB Myyour

    RGB Stool lamp Pandora Myyour

    Stool with RGB lamp Pandora by the Italian design company Myyour, with transparent finish.
    € 270.00 ex. VAT
    Picture of Round Table Pandora Myyour

    Round Table Pandora Myyour

    Pandora round table has been created with the idea to match with the stools, creating fancy and colourful chill-out compositions. Size: H16 x L55 cm.
    € 135.00 ex. VAT
    Planit Stool_Container

    Stool and container Planit

    Corian bathroom stool, ø400xh460 mm.
    € 523.00 ex. VAT
    Myyour Chips

    Stool Chips Myyour

    The design stool Chips by Myyour is availabe in two sizes. CHIPS stool 85x50x50 cm and CHIPS stool 74x50x50 cm. Material used: matt POLEASY®
    € 200.00 ex. VAT
    Picture of Stool in brunished metal Lineabeta

    Stool in brunished metal Lineabeta

    Stool in brunished metal L.33 H.43 cm.
    € 121.00 ex. VAT
    Picture of Stool in mattstone Lineabeta

    Stool in mattstone Lineabeta

    Lineabeta stool in mattstone, 430x400x300 mm.
    € 262.00 ex. VAT
    Ispa Gessi 42030

    Stool Ispa Gessi

    Bright white GRES stool, measurement 44,3xø35,5 cm.
    € 750.00 ex. VAT
    Picture of Stool Liberty Myyour

    Stool Liberty Myyour

    The design stools Liberty by Myyour are available in different colors and in 3 sizes:
    - Stool Liberty L: H.74 cm Ø 42 cm
    - Stool Liberty M: H.64 cm Ø 41 cm
    - Stool Liberty S: H.45 cm Ø 33 cm.
    € 160.00 ex. VAT
    Picture of Stool Lineabeta

    Stool Lineabeta

    Stool in brunished metal Ø33 H.43 cm.
    € 121.00 ex. VAT
    Mimi Gessi 33381

    Stool Mimi Gessi

    Stool Mimi Gessi. Available in 3 different finishings: chrome, finox, gold.
    € 1091.00 ex. VAT
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